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Cyclic Loading Biomechanical Analysis of the Pullout Strengths of Rotator Cuff and Glenoid Anchors:


Failure load is dependent on anchor type (rotator cuff anchor or glenoid anchor) but not anchor location (cancellous or cortical bone). Larger rotator cuff anchors show higher failure strengths than do glenoid

anchors regardless of bone type. TwinFix anchors showed more cyclic displacement than did other rotator

cuff anchors and glenoid anchors. Failure mode is dependent on the specific anchor.

2019-09-20 08:31:52

Annual Arthroscopy Conference will take place on 20th September, 2019 in Creative Incubator, Culture Factory, Klaipėda. More details can be found in the event's brochure. Detailed program can be seen by clicking this link.

2019-08-28 11:15:11
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